Doel: A deserted village in harbour area of Antwerp, Belgium
There is a small village called Doel in the harbour area of Antwerp, Belgium. This village is (almost) deserted and demolished by now. It is stuck between the industrial areas of the Antwerp Harbor and a towering nuclear power plant right next to it. The Belgian government has been trying to evacuate the village for some decades but some of the inhabitants have refused to leave. Eventually, the majority has moved on but the houses they left behind have not been torn down until 2010. In the past decade squatters have occupied many of those houses. By now all of them are gone and only a few houses are still occupied. Some houses were as of 2010 in state of extreme disintegration but some were still safe enough to visit (barely). The village has become a valhalla for the urban exploration photographers. Here is a set of pictures I took there during various visits between 2008 and 2010.