About me


I am an artist working primarily with the medium of photography. I was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey in early 1960s. In 1987 I have relocated to the Netherlands, which has become my primary home. I have started photographing when I was 9 years old and I have been doing so since then. After studying electronics engineering, I've started to work as an IT professional. Having spent many years of my life in various countries, I've had a lot of opportunities to photograph in different cultural environments and to develop my vision as an artist.


Artist Statement

My photographs are mostly the result of an intent and the careful preparation and execution that goes with it. This intent and/or idea can be a long term project (such as my portals series) or it can come up spontaneously while I am on location. Based on the idea I have in mind, I compose my photographs as carefully as possible in the viewfinder. My job is not finished when the picture is taken. I meticulously fine-tune the pictures in the post processing in order to achieve the best possible results either on print or on screen.

The photograph should convey its message successfully without the need for a specific explanation. Equally important are the aspects of originality and creativity. The image should evoke some emotions in the viewer. It should also do justice to its subject. When all this comes together, it will be a good picture for me. Having said that, I know all too well by now that the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I am drawn towards certain areas of photography such as urban scenes, landscapes, architecture, industry, natural objects, seascapes, history, culture and last, but not least, people. You can read about those photographers who have influenced me in the links page.



Photo Contemporary

Raleigh Studios, Hollywood

May 1 – 3, 2015